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Why join the Altus Team?

Altus is always looking for highly qualified Systems Engineers. We value passion, innovation, collaboration, and boldness. At Altus, we strive to take on the most interesting (and very often the most challenging) work available. Our top priority is building high-performance teams to acquire, operate, and sustain highly complex systems to strengthen national security. 

To do this we have found that not only is passion required but so are boldness, innovation, and collaboration. 


Collaboration is the key to any high-performing team.  We have found that at times you will need to be the leader, other times the follower but always open-minded and willing to listen to what others have to say.  There is great strength, especially in a team setting, in being teachable and willing to learn. 



We hope you will choose to join the Altus team.  We’re looking forward to getting to know you better and working with you on behalf of our amazing customers.  At Altus, we strive to take on the most interesting (and very often the most challenging) work available.  Altus has a highly experienced, creative, and exceptional team that sees to it we keep our guarantee to our customers of exquisite and timely solutions to their most pressing challenges. 



Concerning boldness, we embrace those who are self-assured but humble.  We’re willing to challenge conventional wisdom and embrace the unknown, but we’re never arrogant.  We seek to cultivate the same boldness in those we work with, always striving to help them create or see the bigger vision. 


With innovation comes breakthrough thinking and performance.  Forward-thinking, watching for future trends, or even creating them is not fantasy.  By striving for creativity and invention in all that we do we seek to strengthen each other and find improved ways to identify and create solutions to the most significant challenges facing our customers. 


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