About Altus

Leadership Team

The Altus Leadership Team is our company’s senior-most leadership, management, and decision-making group.

Wayne M. Chunn CEO

Wayne Chunn has more than 30 years of experience in the Intelligence Community performing Government Acquisition, Program Management, and Systems Engineering as a Government official and as a Contractor.

Education and Background

Wayne M. Chunn has 30+ years of experience in the Intelligence Community performing Government Acquisition, Program Management, and Systems Engineering duties as a Government official and as a Contractor.  He received his BS in Astronautics (1984) from The University of Texas at Austin.  Mr. Chunn’s professional career began in 1976 as an Air Traffic Controller for the USAF.  He was granted a scholarship to study at UT Austin and was promoted into the Officer ranks in 1984.  His first assignment as an Officer was with the Space Shuttle Program Office where he specialized in Payload Integration, Launch, and On-Orbit Operations.

Subsequent assignments with the USAF and then the Central Intelligence Agency included Systems Engineering duties on the Titan 34D Launch Vehicle, Missile Combat Crew Commander for the nation’s Nuclear Arsenal of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, NRO Operations Squadron System Engineering and Technical Advisory services, Technical Collection System design, acquisition, development, and deployment and Special Access and Reserve Acquisition, Program Management, Systems Engineering, and deployment.

One of Mr. Chunn’s companies was part of the merger accomplished with Altus in 2014. As President and Chief Executive Officer of Altus he works with the Senior Leadership team to set strategic direction with overall executive responsibility for customer relationship management, expanding the company’s long-term strategic business pipeline, driving growth and executive oversight of program execution across the enterprise.

Mr. Chunn is a native of Washington State, having grown up in the North Cascades less than 20 miles from the Canadian border.  He currently resides just outside the small town of Nokesville Virginia on a 15 acre horse and cattle farm with his wife Jeanine.  He enjoys working outdoors and taking one of several 4X4 vehicles into the mountains whenever they can get away.

Josiah R. Hunter VP, CFO

Josiah Hunter has 15+ years of experience in Business Management and Finance.

Education and Background

Josiah Hunter received his BS in Biological Sciences (1999) and MBA in Financial Management (2005) from George Mason University.  Mr. Hunter’s professional career began in 1999, as a credit analyst at a small management consulting firm specializing in capital formation, and debt/equity restructure.  As an analyst he was part of a team that secured funding for over 25 start-up companies.  He began his career in commercial banking as a credit analyst quickly advancing to Senior Vice President of Commercial Lending for a Regional Bank.  He has worked for small community banks, mid-size regional banks, and large national banks, including PNC Financial (the fourth largest Bank in the US).

In addition to his work as a Banker, he has invested in small business and other ventures.  In early 2009 he co-founded Lindsey Business Group, a full service brokerage and human capital management firm providing integrated operations support and consulting services to Commercial Business, Government Contractors and Non-profits.  As the acting COO/CFO he has been instrumental in the development and implementation of the strategic growth plan.

In 2011 he assisted in the formation of Altus.  After playing an instrumental role in negotiating a majority takeover of the company in 2012, he facilitated a merger with two additional firms in 2014, doubling revenues and opening additional opportunities.  As VP and acting CFO, he works with the management team in directing the strategic approach.

Mr. Hunter is a native of Northern Virginia, having grown up in Fairfax County.  He currently resides in the Small Town of Catharpin Virginia on a five acre horse farm where he lives with his wife and their four children.  He enjoys woodworking, the outdoors, and snowboarding with his family.

Andrew Lindsey, Chief People Officer

Andrew Lindsey has 25+ years of experience in HR and Corporate Health & Welfare Programs.

Education and Background

Andrew Lindsey began his career in 1986 as an entrepreneur while attending Chantilly Highschool when he founded Lifestyle Roofing & Painting, employing schoolmates.  Andrew shifted his attention to Corporate Welfare programs in 1989 after receiving his Life & Health license through the state of Virginia.  Andrew continued to build on his exceptional knowledge of Corporate Welfare Programs by completing The Florida Institute of Technology Certified Financial Planning program.  In 1998, Andrew successfully launched and managed Lindsey Benefit Services, Inc. focusing on Corporate Welfare Programs.  In 2003, while continuing to grow Lindsey Benefit Services, Andrew also founded Watermark Resort Homes, LLC focused exclusively on designing and building unique custom resort homes in the Northern Virginia area.  The housing market collapse in 2008 saw the closure of Watermark Resort Homes.  


Amidst, and despite the global financial collapse, Andrew was inspired to create a new integrated corporate services model of he tagged “Corporate Whole Health”.  This concept was to deliver business back office and operational support from a holistic approach, while helping businesses attain a culture and value system as an Employer of Choice Organization, rather than the typical inefficient disjointed and non-integrated delivery of services.  This novel corporate vision was further realized in 2009 when Andrew cofounded Lindsey Business Group, LLC., an Integrated Operations Services Company, focusing on a holistic blend of human capital management and business administration services for non-profits and government contracting businesses. Through his leadership as President and CEO of Lindsey Business Group, Andrew has continued to build upon his unique vision of integrated corporate services through “Corporate Whole Health”, which led to his creation and branding of “EvolvHR”, the new flagship delivery vehicle for Lindsey Business Group. Lindsey Business Group’s success can be found in their more than 300 corporate clients across the country.  


In 2011, Andrew entered the government contracting world when a client of his invited him to join his company whereby Andrew worked to negotiate the majority acquisition of Altus LLC.  As Chief Human Relations Officer, Andrew applies his knowledge and experience in overseeing Altus’ corporate welfare programs, HR, and Recruiting efforts, while helping to facilitate an Employer of Choice corporate culture, and positive work environment.   


Andrew is a native of Northern Virginia, growing up in the Fairfax area.  He enjoys rock climbing and hiking. 


Murray A. Chunn COO

Murray Chunn has 14 years of experience in supporting the IC and DOD.

Education and Background

Murray Chunn’s formal education includes a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology and a Masters in Information Systems.

Mr. Chunn began supporting the IC and DOD in 2003 on Schriever AFB CO. He then transitioned to Kirkland AFB in NM where he supported the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) for 5 years. During these years he supported Research and Development efforts critical to national security.

Opportunities to come east opened in early 2009 and Mr. Chunn moved to Northern VA. He has since supported several of the major agencies and departments providing Program Management, System Engineering and Acquisition support.

In late 2008 he founded Atlas Consulting services. In 2014 Atlas merged with other ventures to create Altus. This opened additional opportunities for growth and provided greater reach back for all customers. As COO,  he works closely with the Altus the management team to ensure customers’ needs are met.

Mr. Chunn lives in Gainesville VA with his wife and six children. He enjoys spending time with his family. His hobbies include motorsports and spending time outdoors.


60+ years experience in Intel Community

Pioneering Experts in SIGINT & OPIR Mission disciplines


Lean Systems Engineering Certified SAFe SPC 4.0


Experts in Space Systems Analysis & Space Operations

Advanced Degrees

PMP Certified