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You can rest easy knowing we have experience working with numerous IC customers and missions, as well as with small and large organizations. No project is too small or organization too large


Comprehensive Approach

As your mission evolves so will your requirements. Depending on your organization’s business model, you may need upgrades, enhanced capabilities, or new solutions for new challenges. Working as a team member, Altus, LLC can assist you to successfully anticipate and meet any and all challenges.

Background And Features

Control System Feedback Principles applied to business
  • Feedback structure of business and engineering systems determine how they perform
  •  Most business and engineering systems are quite complex and defy intuitive understanding


Computer Models
  •  Today’s computer models can capture both how material moves around and the way that information is used in making decisions
  •  These models can then be simulated and the behaviour they generate compared, both qualitatively and quantitatively, to what is observed
  •  Results can be both surprising (sensible decisions coming together to create disasters) and expected (persistent problems that just won’t go away)



Our Fundemental Tenet is:

Structure causes behavior, therefore to improve a system’s behavior (results), the structure must be understood and modified.

  • This must be done carefully: We firmly believe that to be effective we must
    • 1. Know what to change
    • 2. Know what to change to 
    • 3. Know how to cause the change to happen. (see Goldratt, Theory of Constraints. 1990 North River Press)
  • This must be done iteratively:
    • The Plan – Do – Study – Act (or PDSA) cycle introduced by Dr. Deming in the 80’s has been proven time and again to be the best approach (see Deming, Out of the Crisis, 1982, MIT CAES)
Policy analysis and decision support:

The Altus team brings deep expertise across a range of industries and functional areas.  You may already have a sense for “what is wrong” and we can help you fully understand, describe, and successfully address those issues.  We also bring the ability to reveal critical insights needed to develop solutions and seize opportunities.


Consulting & Implementation

Maintaining relevance in the Government environment often involves modifying or implementing new strategic solutions. Altus, LLC has the expertise and the creative mindset to provide the right strategies and updates for your organization.

Acquisition Integrity

Maintaining the integrity of any acquisition is imperative. We have experts to help develop or assess your acquisition strategy, determine if there are issues, provide the most effective solutions, implement the changes and then support the execution.

Development & Deployment

Ensuring mission success means having a solid plan to design, develop, and field systems to meet or exceed mission Key Performance Parameters and Key System Attributes. Then, using that plan as the foundation we can help you initiate, monitor, and assess progress towards the stated goals.

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